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A British Picture: An Autobiography

Ken Russell

Foreword by Melvyn Bragg

Ken Russell - jacket image "one of the greatest British directors of all time", according to Bernard Rose in the Guardian interview with Ken Russell - read more >

The updated autobiography of Britain’s most controversial film director, the maker of Women in Love, The Devils, The Music Lovers, Tommy and The Rainbow, is as unconventional and brilliant as his best films.

Moving with astonishing assurance through time and space, Russell recreates his life in a series of interconnected episodes – his thirties childhood in Southampton, his first sexual experience (watching Disney’s Pinocchio), his schooldays at the Nautical College, Pangbourne, early careers in the Merchant Marine and the Royal Air Force, dancing days at the Shepherds Bush Ballet Club and of course his career as a film-maker, beginning with an extraordinary interview with Huw Weldon for a job on Monitor.

Full of marvellously funny anecdotes and fascinating insights into the realities of the film director's life, A British Picture is a remarkable autobiography.

Pub Date:20th July 2008
Territory:UK & Commonwealth
Market:Film autobiography