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101 Things to do with a Merchant Banker

Robert Pesto

101 Things to do with a Merchant Banker

So what can we do with all these BANKERS who have frivolously wittered away our cash through over selling - underselling - short selling - overstating - understating - bullshitting, boasting - rumouring - and mostly in the name of unjustified and grossly over blown bonus payment and all in the name of:


There are many options as to what we can do now, after burying those most at fault under the mountains of debt they have created, indeed many of the suggestions were deemed unprintable in this tome which primarily wishes to take a humorous look at our impending doom as we collectively check out (just in case) the directions to the local job centre.

Rest assured of course that in no time at all, we will be back to normal and like many offenders released early, the suits and braces brigade will return hungrier than ever.

In the meantime we can make good use of them in 101 ways - the cats and bunnies will be delighted!

Illustrations by James Bainbridge

Pub Date:
Format:Landscape (140 X 170mm)
Territory:World English Language
Market:Humour, Gift